Fridays with Beatrice: Cheese gougéres

This week, Lena suprised me again. Somehow she always picks recipes I seem to miss while choosing my favourites; and they alway turn out great. She decided for the cheese gougéres, a savoury paté choux variation with lots of cheese. As I didn't have parsley at hand, I used some fresh sage instead. The flavour and consistency were great. They were puffy and moist at the same time, and my boyfried who loves cheese bread rolls was really satisfied with this 'poshy' version. I put them on the table as a snack and they dissappeared within a short period (I warn you, they are addictive...). I would like to make a version with cheddar and chive next time ...

 My only mistake - putting too much cheese on top of the gourgére which makes them fall together in the middle after baking. I had the idea of making them a snack when trekking next month (since I bought my vacuum-sealer last mounth I try to vaccum everything) - but I think they are too moist, and because of the eggs in the dough they can't be preserved. What a pity!

Roundup: Better than any potato chips or other savoury snacks you've tasted before. Great for cheese lovers. Another remarkable recipe.

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