Fridays with Beatrice - Tartine with slow-roasted tomatoes and coriander-flavoured carrot and zucchini tartlets

This friday, we had a two course-meal from the book, and I loved it. Lena chose the Tartine with slow-roasted tomatoes and prosciutto from page 87 and the coriander-flavoured carrot and zucchini tartlets with manchego cheese (a recipe I marked myself) from page 114.
As I have no possibility to buy amaranth or quinoa flour here, I had to improvise an alternative tartlet dough. I used all-purpose flour in combination with millet and hazelnut flour and was satisfied with the result (could have used a little less butter). The filling a good vegetarian alernative and a good way to get rid of some more zucchini. I wished only I could have tasted more of the manchego cheese (which is laid out at the bottom before adding the filling). I made one large tart instead of tartelets and we had a slice lukewarm which was really good.

 The tartine wowed me even more. I love goat cheese, and those slow-roasted (tarragon-flavoured) tomatoes and the prosciutto made a heavenly combination. I do use tarragon seldomly and was suprised it suits well with the tomato flavour. 

Roundup: Carrot and zucchini are a fine pair on top of a tarte - next time I have a vegetarian visiting for lunch or dinner, this is a must. The tartines are a much better variation of the cheese-and-ham-baked-in-the-oven toast - and those slow-roasted tomatoes will be a nice topping for my next focaccia or pasta dish.

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Coconut and Vanilla hat gesagt…

Das stimmt den Käse auf dem Tarteboden hat man gar nicht geschmeckt, war etwas Verschwendung.

Die Tartines haben uns auch von den Socken gehauen!