Fridays with Beatrice: Buttermilk, lemon and poppy seed quinoa pancakes

Due to some issues it's already tuesday before I could post about this delicious recipe. I've been sitting into dark rooms (attending an ultrasound training course) during the last days including the weekend and now have to keep up with things I would have been doing at this time normally. Because of my 'condition' I feel constantly tired after a usual working day now so I'm glad I am able to maintain the weekend cooking (and sometimes baking). During the week I have to eat at work, I really don't like the meals at the cafeteria and am already tired of them, so those pancakes Lena chose were a welcomed change. (By the way, check out Lena's new blog - I am really jealous - in a nice way - about the design and her passion about blogging and the constant improvements at her blog and would really like to change mine that way too. Unfortunately my day 'left' has only four hours ...)

Funnily, this time I had 'bookmarked' this recipe too. There were several reasons: First, I like thick fluffy pancakes, especially when they are made with buttermilk. Second, I love lemons. Third, I love the combination of lemon and poppy seed. There is a cake recipe by Jamie Oliver (passed down from his granny) containing lemin and poppy seeds; I made this cake maybe a dozen times and I love it. You can find the recipe here. Those pancakes are even a little bit more sophisticated than the cake. They are made with rice and quinoa flour and quinoa flakes, which I had not at hand, so I used a little bit more flour. Unfortunately they therefore turned out a little bit dry, which we could 'compensate' with more spread on top - we had them with jam and caramel cream. They were very satiable so I wasn't able to eat more than three (which was a pity).

Roundup: If you find 'usual' pancakes boring, try those - and if you like lemon (like me), they are a must!

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Lena hat gesagt…

Ich hab statt der Quinoa Flakes, einfach Haferflocken genommen. Ich glaube das ist eine gute Lösung.

Den Jamie Oliver Kuchen werde ich mir gleich mal anschauen, klingt lecker!