Fridays with Beatrice: Oeufs en cocotte with leeks, spinach and smoked salmon

This week, Lena and me 'pimped' the usual breakfast egg. As ususal, it was a recipe I totally missed while skipping through the pages. I love eggs (in all kinds) too, especially when the yolk is still runny ... At the moment I shouldn't eggs like that, but there are some things I can't resist. 
The egg is cooked in a waterbath  surrounded with flavours from leek, smoked salmon and spinach, a great combination for my taste anyway.

I didn't have a small and deep glass jar for layering all the ingredients like proposed, so I spread them thinnly into a Crème brûlée mould which worked fine too. I have to admit that I omitted the leek (just used some spring onions) just because right now I have to avoid food that causes flatulence.
Nevertheless the dish was a success - I barely got to taste a bite because everthing dissappeared into someones else's belly. We are having brunch on sunday with some friends, and I really think about making some oeufs into a cocotte of bread 'baskets' baked into a muffin tin ...

Roundup: If you want to spoil yourself for breakfast, this is a must-do. Otherwise a fast and healthy dish in between. My new favourite recipe I would say.

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