Jamie Oliver: Jamie does

Jamie Does...Actually I wanted to write that with this book I get the feeling to be fed up with my favourite chef. But as I was briefly skipping through the pages again, the enthusiasm grabbed me again. Especially the French and Morrocan section made my senses tingle - could almoust smell all the spices and feel the heat... The Swedish section was disappointing though, I think there are a lot better recipes typical for Sweden which do not contain fish. Therefore I recommend this one: Kitchen of Light: The New Scandinavian Cooking ;).
All in all entertaining stories, great pictures and layout as always - maybe one of the best layouts so far. At the end stays just this tiny feeling of assembly-line work because Mr. Oliver is tossing out books in a row ... I'm missing the real passion in his newest books so to say (got the feeling it got lost on the way).

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