Foodie Month: April 2012

I started a new project in my cooking & baking life because I recognised some things lately:

First - I posted only Daring Bakers/Cooks Challenges the last months, but that is not the only thing I do in my kitchen. Of course I cannot share every recipe I make because there are people out there who make a living on saling recipes/cooking books, and I respect that. Therefor I want to share mouth-watering pictures of food for the ones who are interested. I do not cook or bake fancy stuff, so if I can do it, you can too. So I'll grab my camera whenever there is some light (left) and good looking & tasting food onto our plates and share. Maybe this will help you with decision in wether to buy a book or make a certain meal - I hope so!

Second - I confess I am addicted to cooking and baking books. Whenever there is a new one avialiable (preverably in English) I have to buy it. There are lying books and magazine all over our place - in the sleeping room, the bathroom, the living room and (of course) the kitchen. I like to read them, enjoy the pictures and the ideas which they give me to create own recipes. I pin them onto my refridgerator, my virtual pinboard and store them as pictures or pdfs on my smartphone (just in case I visit someone and need to bake or cook there - I am a little bit obsessed ...). Unfortunately some of the books are living a dire existence on their shelves,so I looked for a possibility to cook more often from them, a possibility to use all my resources and to get varied meals throuout the week. Our 'schedule' has been a little bit boring the last time, and I often sighed while thinking about "what to buy" and "what to cook".

I gave every day of the week a topic, considering what kind of chefs (or food bloggers) I like most and what things I want to try or practice more. The goal is to complete one recipe per day/topic which means share 5 recipes/pictures. So here is the first month's roundup. I was really busy what happens often when I start something, so I hope I won't run out of steam when time passes.

Magazine Mondays

- recipes from all my magazines (no matter if baking or cooking) -

Cinnamon braised lamb shanks (Jamie Oliver Magazine Issue 27 March/April 2012)
Steak with Cajun rub ('Lust auf Genuss' April 2012 Issue)

Baking Tuesdays

- baked goods (cake, bread, muffins, cookies and so on) - 
Christopsomos (Greek Celebration Bread from "The Bread Baker's Apprentice, BBA Challenge)
Povitica with raspberry curd and raspberries (recipe from the Daring Bakers October 2011 Challenge)

Wednesdays with Jamie

- recipes from my favourite chef (magazine recipes included) - 

Scandinavian Thursdays

- Scandinavian recipes (preferably Norwegian dishes, savoury and sweet allowed) -

Fridays with Beatrice

- recipes from my favourite food blogger (blog & book recipes) -
squash and potato crumble (recipe from the Boston Globe Food section)


- recipes from the world wide web (favourites from epicurious, food blogs or The Daring Kitchen) -

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