Fridays with Beatrice: Hachis parmentier with chicken, lime & coriander

This time it was my turn to choose. As I love all things baked in the oven with cheese on top, it had to be the Hachis parmentier. Usually this is a leftover dish, made with beef (the French version of 'Shepards Pie'). In this recipe it's made with chicken and an Asian twist by using lime, coconut milk and coriander. I love coriander and lime with chicken (used this combination for curries before) so I was curious how it would taste topped with potatoes and baked. 
I guess I should have used less milk because my potato layer was really slurry what I didn't like that much. I made the hachis in a terrine mould, and the final meal 'melted' onto our plates - not really nice for the eyes. The taste was not disturbed by that, I wished the chicken layer would have tasted a little bit stronger. Robert liked it anyway, he ate the whole rest out of the mould which you always can take as a compliment.

Roundup: The consistency was too slurry. The flavour combination lime-coriander-cocnut was good and should be tried with beef again. As Lena stated in her post, beef would have been better - I agree with that.

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