Fridays with Beatrice: Apple, Rhubarb & Strawberry Nutty Crumble

This time, Lena and me chose a sweet recipe. I love crumbles and made one of Bea's Crumbles before, a dish which always finds the way to my brunch table (and which is always gone first). So I was expecting nothing more than a divine combination of flavours and consistencies coming together in my mouth, and I was not dissappointed. There was a little bit scepticism about the gluten-free crumble but I was suprised to find myself thinking "this is even better than the normal one". I had the feeling they were more saturating and had an even nuttier taste. It was the FIRST TIME EVER I made a gluten-free dinner on purpose (before there was only a  Daring Bakers Challenge and a failed chocolate cake). 

I used millet flour (couldn't get hold of amaranth flour) and served the crumble with vanilla sauce (right, not gluten-free ...), because no crumble ever in this kitchen has been served without vanilla sauce - we both love vanilla sauce! Don't want to imagine what would happen if we would have had vanilla ice cream in the freezer .. I guess I used too much orange zest (used the zest of a large orange) because there was a little bit to much of this aroma for my taste.

Roundup: Perfect, crumble heaven so to say, despite (or just because!) of gluten-free crumbles. If I would have to rate it on a scale from one to ten, I'd give it an eleven ... plus!
Thanks to Lena for choosing this recipe because I didn't mark it myself - and would have missed something very tasty.

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