Fridays with Beatrice: Rice Pudding with Strawberries stewed in Lemongrass and Lime

This time, you are lucky. Lena chose her favourite recipe of the book and is sharing the recipe too. It's something sweet with fruits of the season - strawberries. They are cooked with lime and lemongrass and used as a topping for rice pudding (something I would translate to German as 'Milchreis' in this case). The rice pudding is flavoured with ginger and lemongrass, an idea I really like. Usually we serve rice pudding plain with cinnamon and sugar, which can be boring. 

 I have used the combination of lime and strawberries before - really good for jam or a cake . I was excited how some additional lemongrass would work. When cooking I had to think about a friend of mine who - after beeing pregnant - coulnd't stand ginger or lemongrass anymore. What a pity!
Making the rice pudding and the strawberry 'compote' was easy. I minced the lemongrass in my mortar and added some organic carob gum to the compote for a thicker consistency.
Beatrice says the dish is best when eaten lukewarm, but I had it at work cold from the fridge and it was delicious -especially with this hot and humid weather at the moment. The lime and lemongrass are enhancing the fresh flavour and I can imagine using it as a base for an ice cream.

Roundup:  Flavour explosion in your mouth. Perfect summer dish. Can be eaten as dessert or dinner.

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