Fridays with Beatrice: Verrine Nordique

It's really hot outside - I like temperatures around 15 to 20°C (one of the reasons I travel to Noway). So bubbling dishes are no option right now. Lena chose the right recipe for this situation - the Verrine Nordique (p. 117). The principle of making a verrine is easy - layer ingredients in a nice glas and enjoy. I've used it - under the name of trifle - a dozen times for desserts (which is good for using leftovers). This was the first time with savoury ingredients - and one of my favourites too: smoked salmon. Of course I liked the result! With the greek yoghurt sauce, the potatoes and the cucumber the balance between the different tastes was just right. 

While making the verrine I had to laugh - I usually salt my cucumber slices too before using them into a salad, a thing I learned from a Polish friend. I thought preparing them that way was something typicilly Polish - but maybe it isn't ... Instead of horseradish I used radish (it's to spicy for me).
I made a small portion fot the picture, one into a jar for my hubby (as a take-away, would be perfect for a picnic too) and one large into a tupperware container which I had at work for dinner. I even had some ideas for modifications - what about a yoghurt sauce with lime, some carribean spices and sweet potatoes (instead of the normal ones) and maybe melon slices insted of cucumber? Or an Asian version with wasabi, soy sauce and ginger slices?

Roundup:  Perfect recipe for hot summer days, quickly prepared and easy divided into individual portions. A potential candidate for the next picnic.

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